Supplementation for Wellness

iOptimal Functional Medicine Clinic uses to dispense medical-grade supplements and vitamins which are manufactured to the same strict standards as pharmaceutical drugs. guarantees quality from the brands they offer. These products deliver better and more controllable results. Having NP Alex prescribed supplement means you can trust the source, amount and quality of supplement you are taking. is a fast, affordable, convenient way to purchase online supplements and vitamins, delivered to your door.

Supplement :

Improved immunity

Reduced inflammation

Increased energy

Improves Mental clarity

Improved focus

Improved gut health

Support bodily functions

Supplements NP Alex often prescribe:

  • Offers Neurologic and Cognitive support

  • Cell-life regulation

  • Blood sugar support

  • Joint and muscle support

  • Cardiovascular Support

  • Healthy Immune System Support

  • Support Antioxidant Protection

  • Supports Detoxification

  • Support Red Blood Cell Formation

  • Support a Healthy Immune system

  • Support Neurological Health

  • Support Healthy sleep patterns

  • Cardiovascular Support

  • Joint and Muscle Support

  • Bone Health Support

  • Support Neurological Health

  • Cardiovascular Support

  • Support Healthy Glucose and Insulin Metabolism

  • Supports Healthy Mental Functioning

  • Healthy Immune System Support

  • Lactose Tolerance support

  • Intestinal Health and Function Support

  • Balancing Gastrointestinal Flora 

Support Healthy Androgen and Estrogen Levels

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